Authors are invited to submit abstracts on a broad spectrum of research topics that include, but are not restricted to:

  • Free access to law by government and non-state actors
  • Facilitating community access to legal information
  • E-government, e-democracy and e-justice
  • Global development and state of implementation of legal standards
  • Big data and data analytics for and in the legal domain
  • Tools for supporting democratic participation and opportunities for digital democracy
  • Open data policies
  • Policy issues on the publication of case law
  • Challenges facing free access to public legal information throughout the world
  • Open access to legal scholarship
  • Restrictions of openness
  • Sustainable business model for free law
  • Digital preservation for legal documents
  • Communicating legal information: Visual law for improving public access to the law
  • Interactive and "intelligent" legal services and knowledge-based tools
  • Global interoperability and Linked Open Data in the legal domain
  • Data sovereignty and the responsibility for the data
  • Privacy and data protection, access to and dissemination of legal information
  • Knowledge acquisition techniques for the legal domain (natural language processing, argument and data mining)
  • Legal knowledge representation
  • Automatic legal text classification and summarisation
  • Automated information extraction from legal databases and texts
  • Conceptual or model-based legal information retrieval
  • E-government and access to legal information
  • E-democracy and access to legal information

Abstracs presenting innovative projects, experience, initiatives or services with a strong collaborative cross-border or international dimension are preferred.